How to Switch from Prince Edward Island to Alberta Insurance


Note: Similar to PEI, Alberta car insurance companies are privatized and compete on the basis of price, coverage, and service. If you are moving to Alberta, you should contact a licensed Alberta insurance broker who can check rates for you from several Alberta insurance companies.

Once you have moved your vehicle from Prince Edward Island to Alberta, you will need to obtain Alberta vehicle insurance and registration within 90 days. To do so, you will need to complete the following steps:

What kind of documents are required if I am moving from Prince Edward Island to Alberta?

If you are moving to Alberta from P.E.I., it is recommended that you get a a Claims Experience Letter from every insurance company that you have been insured with for the past 6 years. You will also need a Driver's Abstract from the PEI Department of Transportation & Public Works. Most Alberta insurance companies will need these two documents to start insurance for you, and it is recommended that you have them ready before you transfer your insurance over.

To get your Claims Experience Letter, you will need to phone your previous insurance company (you may need to sign a document, as well). Ideally, the claims experience letter can be e-mailed or faxed to you (or your new Alberta insurnace broker). Make sure to get a claims experience letter from every insurance company that you have been with in the previous 6 years.

To obtain your PEI Driver's Abstract, you can:

How do I get insurance in Alberta when moving from Prince Edward Island?

After you've obtained the necessary documents (see above), you will then need to obtain insurance with an Alberta automobile insurance company.

Like P.E.I., Alberta car insurance is privatized and highly competitive. Thus, it is recommended that you contact a licensed, experienced insurance broker to help you transfer your insurance from PEI and check multiple Alberta insurance companies for the cheapest insurance rate for you.

How do I register my vehicle in Alberta?

After obtaining Alberta car insurance, you then have to register your vehicle at an Alberta registry. Before going to the registry, you will need the following:

  • Proof of valid Alberta auto insurance (commonly referred to as a "pink card").
  • Bill of sale or current Prince Edward Island registration of vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is from out of province, an out-of-province inspection report must be provided.

Once you have completed all the above, bring your proof of insurance, your bill of sale (or current P.E.I. vehicle registration) and your out-of-province inspection to an Alberta registry agent. The registry agent will process your information and give you an Alberta license plate as well as registration documents for your vehicle.