How to Switch from Nova Scotia to Alberta Insurance


Note: Alberta car insurance rates are among the highest in the country, and typically more costly than Nova Scotia, so it is advisable to consult a licensed Alberta insurance broker can check rates for you from several insurance companies.

If you are moving with your vehicle from Nova Scotia to Alberta, you will need to get an Alberta driver license as well as Alberta insurance and registration within 90 days of your move, so you should try to switch over insurance and registration as soon as possible.

When moving from Nova Scotia to Alberta, the following steps must be taken in order to insure and register your vehicle in Alberta:

What documents do I need to bring when moving from Nova Scotia to Alberta?

If you are moving to Alberta from Nova Scotia, you will need to contact your previous insurance company for a Claims Experience Letter. You will also need to obtain a Drivers Abstract from a Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Registry. These documents are required by Alberta insurance companies, and a good driving record will help your car insurance rates in Alberta.

To order a Claims Experience Letter, you need to contact your previous insurance company. Please note that you should obtain at least 6 years of insurance history. So, if you have switched insurance companies in the last 6 years, you should obtain a claims experience letter from every insurance company that you have been insured with over the past 6 years.

To get your Nova Scotia Drivers Abstract you may:

  • Telephone Service Nova Scotia 1-800-670-4357 for information & instructions,
  • OR apply in person at one of the RMV Customer Services Centres. Fee for Abstract (as of June 25, 2009): $16.30. Payment options at the counter: Cash, debit card, VISA, American Express or MasterCard credit card, or cheque (or money order) made out to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  • OR Mail your request to: Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, PO Box 1652, Halifax NS B3J 2Z3. Fee for Abstract (as of June 25, 2009): $16.30. Payment options by mail: Cheque or money order made out to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

How do I get insurance in Alberta when moving from Nova Scotia?

After getting your documents in order (see above), you need to obtain insurance with an Alberta Insurance company. Much like Nova Scotia, Alberta insurance companies are privatized and therefore different companies may offer different rates.

Because automobile insurance in Alberta is competitive and Alberta traffic laws differ from other regions, it is highly recommended that you contact a licensed, experienced insurance broker to help you transfer your insurance over and check multiple insurance companies for the cheapest insurance rate for you.

How do I register my vehicle in Alberta?

After getting insured by an Alberta insurance company, you must then register your vehicle at an Alberta registry. Before going to the registry, you will need the following:

  • Proof of valid Alberta auto insurance (commonly referred to as a "pink card").
  • Bill of sale or current Nova Scotia registration of vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is from out of province, an out-of-province inspection report must be provided.

Once you have completed all the above, bring your proof of insurance, your bill of sale (or current Nova Scotia vehicle registration) and your out-of-province inspection to an Alberta registry agent. The registry agent will process your information and give you an Alberta license plate as well as registration documents for your vehicle.